Labics @ Kent State University

Labics’ going to be in Florence for the Spring 2018 Lecture Series @ Kent State University.


The lecture, part of the Florence Programe, is free and open to the public (seats are limited).


Labics @ MAXXI_Obiettivo Architettura

Labics and the photographer Marco Cappelletti will join Obiettivo Architettura on January 24.


The meetings, curated by Based Architecture with the collaboration of Maxxi Foundation of Rome and the National Council of Architects, will try to explain the symbiotic relationship among an architecture, its designer, and its photographer.


Abstract of the event



Labics @ Universidad Nebrija

Labics has been invited by the Universidad Nebrija to talk about its works and research. The lecture's topic will be Share Place. See you in Madrid.


Link to the report


Palazzo dei Diamanti's competition: Labics is the winner

Labics, cooperating with 3TI Progetti Italia, Vitruvio S.r.l. and Arch. E. Fabbri, has won the international competition for the

for the extending of the MAG of Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara. 


The project finds its main meaning - in addition to a careful analysis of the functional needs expressed by the competition brief - in the relationship established with the Palazzo dei Diamanti and its context.


More info on Divisare


Labics @ UEL School of Architecture in London

Labics’  going to be in London for the December Talks of Sto Foundation. The lecture's topic will be Shared Place.


The Sto Foundation focuses on the future through education and training. The overall aim of the Sto Foundation ties in with the Sto SE & Co. KGaA Mission Statement “Building with conscience” and promotes awareness of the importance of designing living space tailored to environmental and human needs. To implement the concept, the Foundation is divided into four funding programs.



Labics has been invited by The Royal Institute of British Architects to join Europa: Connecting ideas Across Borders


Between September 2017 and April 2018, the Royal Institute of British Architects will host a series of talks between emerging architectural practices from mainland Europe, organised by countries that share a border. Focusing on a new generation of designers, the talks will offer exposure to the most experimental approaches to architecture shaped by the different geographical localities, political and social realities of countries on the European continent.


Look at the programme


Città del Sole is the Mixed-use Building of the year

Labics and 3TI progetti, with their project Città del Sole, has won the ABB LEAF Award 2017 as the Mixed-use Building of the year


The LEAF Mixed Use Building of the Year award recognises projects that combine both residential and commercial functions.


Award's site


Prato al futuro

Labics joins Prato al futuro on September, 14 in Prato, Italy. The meeting's topic will be Connections.


Prato al futuro is a communication and participation process established by the Municipality of Prato to accompany the preparation of its new Operational Plan.
It is a rich programme of events and places, both physical and virtual, where residents, associations, professionals and entrepreneurs can be encountered and the general vision for the social, cultural and economic development of the city of Prato shared with everyone.


View the site


Città del Sole on The New York Times

Reed Kroloff has written two new articles about Città del Sole on The New York Times. The former, "A Generation of Architects Making Its Mark at Dizzying Speed" is available on NYT website. The latter, "Designers in the Prime of Life" appears in print on September, 10 on the New York Edition of NYT.

On the cover, a photo of Città del Sole took by Marco Cappelletti in 2016.


Read the mobile ed. article | Read the print ed. article


Città del Sole wins Barbara Cappochin Prize

Labics, with its project Città del Sole, has received the Special Jury Mention from Fondazione Barbara Capocchin.


"The complex plays an essential role into the regeneration of a delicate neighborhood, located on the borders of Rome's centre. The volume' lightness links to the urban tissue of preexistences by interesting spatial twines", Jury's said.


Labics joins Beyond the Boundary

Labics is in Prato on July, 23 joining Beyond the Boudary. The international workshop represents the possibility to investigate some unsolved urban questions in Prato.

Starting from the building's area called exBanci - that is symbol of urban decay - and the Declassata's axe, linear system which crosses the city and, thanks for it, the same complex of ExBanci represents a determinate zip for its possible reconfiguration, the workshop's aim is to reach a general thought about how these two different topics would be linked, even these topics which regard a wider territorial system.


Sobratema Summit 2017_Brazil

Labics has been invited for the Sobratema Summit in São Paulo, Brazil on next June.


Sketch for Syria

Labics takes part in this global call to imagine postwar reconstruction in Syria sharing their own personal ideas and designs. Sketch for Syria is promoted by IUAV University of Venice in collaboration with UN-ESCWA the National Agenda for the Future of Syria and Aga Khan Award for Architecture.