1 [ countable ] a strong border or structure of wood, metal, etc. that holds a picture, door, piece of glass, etc. in position



2 [ countable ] the supporting structure of a piece of furniture, a building, a vehicle, etc. that gives it its shape


of glasses

3 [ countable ,  usually plural ] a structure of plastic or metal that holds the lenses in a pair of glasses


person/animal's body

4 [ countable ,  usually singular ] the form or structure of a person or animal's body


general ideas

5 [ singular ] the general ideas or structure that form the background to sth


of film/movie

6 [ countable ] one of the single photographs that a film or video is made of


of picture story

7 [ countable ] a single picture in a comic strip



8 [ countable ] one of the separate areas on an Internet page that you can scroll through (= read by using the mouse to move the text up or down)