Elica Pavillon Eurocucina 2018

The project for the Elica Pavillion for Eurocucina 2018 (FTK) has set itself the goal of telling and representing the double soul of Elica, on the one hand the wide, open and global reality of the company, on the other the product world, a world made precision, accuracy, technological research and innovation.The project is therefore based on the idea of ​​the city, a metaphor of the Elica world, a rich and articulated, open and continuous space in which a series of buildings make up the rooms, interior spaces, a metaphor of the home and the domestic space in which Elica products find their ideal location. In fact, the space in the room allows you to come into contact with Elica products, to know and interact with them in a more intimate way, in the absence of distraction, within a space dedicated to them. Outside the rooms a large public space, set up as in the city by streets and squares, allows you to experience the whole of the company; a path of knowledge connects the individual rooms with each other, thus passing from the urban dimension of the city to the intimate dimension of the house. Crossing the spaces of the Elica city, the visitor will have the opportunity to move freely and enter different rooms, five of which are dedicated to specific types of products.

Client: Elica spa
Location: Milano Fair, Salone del Mobile 2018, FTK
Program: Temporary booth
Status: Built
Dates: 2018
Floor area: 800 sqm
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Team: Tommaso Mennuni, Alessio Caccamo, Matilde Mellini
Photos: Marco Cappelletti