Elica pavillon Eurocucina 2016

The project for the Elica pavillion tells, in a different way, the two key concepts of Elica’s company structure: being international and high-tech; those two concepts are portrayed and gathered together in the role of the individuals working in Elica all around the world. These people are, after all, making it an international and high-tech hub thanks to their passion, groundbreaking research and ability to experiment new things and new ways. Give a face to all those people who belong to Elica community makes real and tangible the efforts, the work and the intensity which is hidden behind any technological product. In this way all the Elica's people are ideally part of the pavillion presenting their work to the world. The stand has two souls mirrored inside and outside the structure: on the outside the focus is on people - the 2500 Elica employees' photographs are covering the stand walls, floors and roof to convey the company's international and multicultural character and its ability to cherish every single employee's uniqueness and priceless contribution, on the inside, which 'replicates' the world as represented by R. Buckminster Fuller in his Dymaxion Map, Elica is showcasing its latest products through an itinerary that offers both an extraordinary imaginative and sensory/sensorial experience to visitors.

Client: Elica spa
Location: Milano Fair
Program: Temporary booth
Status: Built
Dates: 2016
Floor area: 400 sqm
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Architectural team: Carolina Bajetti
Photos: Filippo Romano