Projects at Trajan’s Forum

The projects at Mercati di Traiano is composed of two different projects: the restoration and transformation of an ancient monument in a museal space, and the realization of a pedestrian walkway through Rome’s Imperial Forum.

The restoration and preservation work involved cleaning the ancient walls and stone facades and reintegrating the floors in all tabernae. New bronze floor plates were designed with a geometrical pattern taken from the site creating a background for sevelar smaller interventions, the most significant of which was the reintegration of a portal inside the first taberna and the construction of new public restrooms, both constructed in corteen steel.

The walkway at Campo Carleo re-create an original urban route through the Forum and offers improved disabled access to the site. It links the Forum to the Rione Monti or Suburra – the ancient Roman slums. The monumental wall on which the footpath is hung up is of unique archaeological importance, and the walkway has therefore been differentiated materially, structurally and formally and conceived as an independent and contemporary element. The walkway follows the ancient wall but is detached from it. In contrast to the mass of the ruins, the lightweight walkway is designed as a folded strip which hugs the wall, establishing an intimate and subtle relationship with the monument. Made from corten steel, the footpath blends with the chromatic atmosphere of the background Roman wall, while the discreet stainless steel railing cables ensure the primacy of perspective views across the site.

Client: Municipality of Rome
Location: Imperial Forum, Rome
Programme: New footpath for Trajan’s Forum & Renovation of the Roman Tabernae, Rome
Status: Built
Dates: 1999 - 2004
Gross floor area: 300 sqm (footpath) + 600 sqm (Tabernae)
Cost: 700.000 euro
Design: Nemesi Studio (Maria Claudia Clemente, Michele Molé)
Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori, Marco Sardella)
Project team: Daniele Durante, Federico Pitzalis
Consultants: Structural engineering: Studio Ingegneri Associati - Adelio Rossi, Eng. | Services: Riccardo Fibbi arch., Carolina de Camillis arch.

Photos: Luigi Filetici