Obicà Cusani - mozzarella bar ®

The new concept of Obicà is focused on two complementary strategies: on the one hand the idea of public space, intended as a place to meet and socialize, on the other hand the value of uniqueness, understood as the result of a "handmade" production, as such not repeatable. The restaurant in fact is par excellence a public place where people go to enjoy and share their free time, to meet other people, to taste good food.



The architectural project is based on the concept of Italian urban space, an open room with an informal character. The choice of materials in this sense is not the traditional one, typical of interior spaces, but rather that of urban spaces: bricks for the floors and walls, metal plates for the design of counters and parapets similar to those of balcony railings, lights reminiscent of those of outdoor parties and dinners. The presence of bricks and other typical elements of the urban landscape, such as railings and parapets, recreates in the interior that informal condition typical of outdoor spaces, arcades and Italian squares. The use of "real" materials such as brick, iron and solid wood, each with its own grain and texture, conveys a strong idea of craftsmanship, just like the process of mozzarella’s production. Everything is part of the same strategy of creating a place for an authentic experience, focused on the values of simplicity as Obicà is.


The most interesting challenge of the project was to give a new image to a historic and consolidated brand like Obica. The objective was to renew the image from the inside, maintaining a continuity of language and at the same time intercepting some elements of innovation. The main element of innovation with respect to previous projects, mostly handled by us Labics, was to add a strong informal and urban dimension to the space. This informal dimension dialogues with and even somehow absorbs more refined elements, such as the suspended lamps, the brass, the mirror, within an open, refined and in its own way changing image. Obica Cusani is an expression of elegant yet informal modernity.


Client: Mercato Srl
Location: Milan
Program: Bar, Restaurant
Status: Built
Dates: 2021 - 2022
Net floor area: 337 sqm
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Architectural team: Tommaso Mennuni, Sara Sosio
Photos: Marco Cappelletti