Obicà - mozzarella bar ® - Broadway

Obicà Flatiron is located in a former restaurant of the end of 19th century;  a vast single room characterized by the typical industrial atmosphere of New York city.

The aim of the project has primarily been to bring back to life the rough style of the original space and the features of the time as the original pillars, the stucco capitals and the long wall of red bricks. 

The whole space is organized around the 2 big counters which are almost facing each other.

The first one, next to the entrance, has a more urban soul and design - with a large use of mirror for the retro counter bottle display - and it is dedicated to drinks and informal meal. 

The second one, more central and shielded into the space, is dedicated to food preparation and consuming; it is a classical Mozzarella Bar counter with 3 big glass cases to display the fresh ingredients (mozzarella, vegetables and pizza ingredients); oak for the horizontal surfaces and hot rolled black iron for food display in the retro counter area. All the food preparation area is covered by a mirror stainless steel ceiling which accentuate the importance of Italian ingredients thans to their reflection on the ceiling.  

The sitting areas are more informal and casual next to the entrance where tables are placed along a common leather banquette and stools are surrounding almost the whole counter. Moving towards the center of the restaurant the sitting area are partly organized around the mozzarella counter, and partially placed into 2 embracing leather alcoves that create a more private and intimate atmosphere.

At the very end of the space a more intimate dining room it is partially protected by the pizza oven placed as the ending element of the Mozzarella bar counter; this room is characterized by a huge wine wall with a mirror backdrop which, reflecting the whole restaurant, emphasized the depth of the space. 

Client: F&B Spa
Location: New York
Program: Bar, Restaurant
Status: built
Dates: 2014
Net floor area: 325 sqm
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Architectural team: Sara Sosio, Maria Iva Sacchetti
Photos: Paul Warchol