Obikà - mozzarella bar ® - South Kensington

The restaurant occupies a prominent position in a red brick Victorian building on the corner of Draycott Avenue and Ives Street, between the famous museum quarter of South Kensington and the lively shops and cafes of the Kings Road. Covering 300sqm of the basement, ground and first floors, it incorporates a number of innovative features which provide the perfect setting for a number of different dining experiences.

As in every Obikà, most of the food is freshly prepared at the mozzarella counter in the style of a sushi bar, and is central to the restaurant’s internal architecture and overall atmosphere. The counter sits at the heart of the ground floor space and is given a new double role: to the one side it provides a bar for casual drinks with friends, and from the other side, food is served, including Obikà’s signature mozzarella. This dual character is also reflected in the hanging structure which has been added to the Obikà ‘kit of parts’ for the first time at South Kensington. A display case illuminted from above for bottles and glasses sits on the corner of the bar, while two large ‘lanterns’ – one over the mozzarella tank and one above the cured meat and salad display – light the food counter. An original three-dimensional space is as such defined by the rack, case and lights and attracts the curiosity of passers-by, drawing their attention to this brightly lit central area.

Client: F&B Spa UK
Location: London, UK
Program: Bar & Restaurant
Status: Completed
Dates: 2012
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Architectural team: Manuela Gentile, Sara Sosio
Consultant team: Lighting design : Metis Lighting srl
Photos: Luke Hayes